A pleasant walk from The Carpenters Arms over the High Chart, this enjoyable route has lovely views across Surrey. Just under 6km long with a climb, it can be muddy in places. 

Image 1 walk 1 x 193.jpgFrom The Carpenters Arms, walk down the road a short way towards Oxted and take a footpath on the left next to the bus shelter. Follow this path across the Chart until you come to a busy road. Cross the road and follow the drive to ‘The High’. At the house, take the path that goes to the right (see photo). 

Continue on this path and you soon come out by another house. Follow its drive for a short time and take the path down the hill by the sign for Quince House Cookery School. 

After a short while, this path comes out on a road. Turn left and follow the road, which narrows the further you go. When you get to Caxton House, continue along the grass track to the right of the drive. 

Image 2 walk 1 x 193.jpgKeep following the track, which can get quite muddy in places (see photo), until near a gate at the end - and at that point cross a stile on the left. 

Follow the path across the field until you come to a kissing gate. Go through the kissing gate and follow the hedge on the right-hand side of the field. 

You come to a further kissing gate, go through and head down across the field to some posts next to some buildings. Follow the path next to the posts and, after a short time, you come to a road where there are a couple of houses and a pond. 

Image 3 walk 1 x 193.jpgTurn right along the road, which is fairly flat. Take the time to look back at where you have come from. After a couple of hundred meters, you come to a footpath on the right. 

Go over the stile and go across the field to the top left-hand corner where there is a stile and a small bridge. Cross the bridge and walk on to a drive. Turn right and head towards a manor house (see photo).  

Just before a house on the left, take the footpath on the left. Follow the path and after a while it comes out to a gate into a large field. Go across the field and you are aiming for a stile in the top left-hand corner.

Image 4 walk 1 x 193.jpgCross the stile and you will be on an enclosed path. Follow the path to the track at the top. Turn left and just after a house with a plaque to Sergey Kravehinsky who was a Russian revolutionary (see photo), and a red postbox, turn right along a wide road. At this point, there are very wide views to the South. 

The road becomes enclosed in tall beech hedges and next to a house on the right take a footpath. Follow the footpath and you come out on a road next to Pains Hill Chapel. Turn right and follow the road to a busy main road. Cross the road and go down a road almost opposite. 

Almost immediately, take a bridle path of to the left. Where the path forks, take the left fork. Follow the track across to fairways until you come a footpath sign with five arms – turn right alongside the edge of the golf course. 

Image 5 walk 1 x 193.jpgKeep in the same direction and you soon leave the golf course and come to the woods of the Chart. Follow the path along the edge of the wood – the path turns right at Peter Rabbit's house – and carry on past ‘Hedgehog Hall’ (see photo). Next to some logs piled like a wigwam, take the track off to the left.

Continue on this track until it meets a road. Turn right and follow it for about 100m and take a bridle path on the left across a field. Turn left when a path comes in on the left. At the road (Ridlands Rise), turn right along the edge of the village. Shortly before a T-junction follow a footpath sign on the left down Post Office Row. Follow the track, which ends to the side of The Carpenters Arms. As you pass the houses, look out of the topiary cat on the left – we saw the tail first.

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